Export your historical Fitbit data for free


This app extracts your data from Fitbit. You can download this data in a CSV file. Each row of this CSV file corresponds to a single day in your Fitbit record. Each row contains columns representing the value for that day, including:

  • Steps
  • Distance
  • Floors
  • Minutes Active
  • Sleep Time
  • Sleep Efficiency
  • Body weight

You can only download 31 days worth of data from Fitbit directly without paying. By contrast, this app will download all data for free.

The "activityCalories" data has been omitted from the export you get. This data tells you how many calories you burned in Activities each day. Unfortunately, in September 2016 Fitbit started crashing when this app asked for that data.


  1. Log in with Fitbit.
  2. Click the "Download CSV" link on the next page.
  3. The app loads your data from the Fitbit API.
  4. Enjoy!


This app does not persist your data at any time. The data just passes straight through from the Fitbit API to you. You can verify this for yourself because the entire app is open source. Additionally, your Fitbit credentials are not shared with this app; you just log in with Fitbit and provide this app temporary permission to access your data so you can download that data. This app requests read-only permission from Fitbit; by signing in to this app, you do not permit it to change any of your data.

This app requests the bare minimum amount of data from FitBit necessary to do the extract. When you authenticate, you'll see a warning message from FitBit saying "Warning! This app is not using HTTPS to securely obtain your permission." This error shows up because this app uses HTTP instead of HTTPS, because HTTPS is expensive, and this is a side-project with no funding 😃. The risk you're taking is that the traffic between this server and your machine is unencrypted, so a third party could observe it.

Need help?

You can tweet to me at @nickheiner if something goes wrong. You can also file an issue on GitHub if you're in to that sort of thing.

Want to help?

If you can code, you're welcome to send me a pull request on GitHub. If you can't code, but you would like to support this app, you can donate. This app is limited in the amount of data it can extract because I'm just doing this as a side-project and don't want to spend a lot of money on it; if enough money is donated, I'll buy a better server setup that will allow the app to extract all available data, or upgrade to use an encrypted connection so your export is more secure.